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The cities in Romania where the best is earned

Ovidiu and Marius are both IT scientists. The first in Cluj, the second in Galați. Although they have both been working in the same field for 12 years, at the end of the month Ovidiu earns better. And that’s not because they work for different companies or because they have different tasks. The reason is simply the city where he works. In Cluj, the standard of living is higher and automatic and salaries are higher. Their case is no exception.

The companies from Bucharest and the counties of Cluj and Timiș offer the best salaries. In these areas, the average salary, at employment, starts at 950 euros and is close to 1,400 euros. Although IT employees are best paid, salaries differ from county to county. This is how, in August, an IT specialist from Vrancea County was offered, on employment, a salary even 3 times lower for the same job he could have done in Bucharest.

On the other hand, it is not only a difference of economic center, but also of job requirements. Large companies are concentrated in large cities, while in small ones, an IT specialist is less likely and may be engaged in maintenance.

For the same job, an IT specialist from Bucharest receives an average salary that exceeds 950 euros and can reach up to almost 1,400 euros, while an IT specialist from Vrancea is offered even 3 times less . In this county, the average salary starts at 429 euros and does not reach even 700 euros.

“Certain companies, and I mean multinationals, and in Cluj and Bucharest we have more and more such multinationals, pay much better employees in those regions. In our region, I think we don’t have as many foreign investors as we meet there “, says Marius Geru, the administrator of an IT company.

The Romanians who win the best

Beyond these differences, IT professionals remain the highest paid employees in our country.

“I started with a salary between 2,000 and 3,000 lei 10, 12, 13 years ago and you can reach management positions after a few years of experience. Salaries go up to 4,000, in some cases maybe even 5,000 euros, net. Someone who dedicates time can get quite quickly, in 3-4-5 years, in a senior position, where they earn quite well “, says Ovidiu Berdilă, IT specialist.

Human resources experts say wages in this sector will continue to rise.

“Remote jobs have transformed the possibility of accessing a higher salary a bit. Now they are also recruited from smaller cities, which means that national salaries in this area, in this field, have increased slightly, because you can be from Craiova and work for a company in Bucharest and benefit from a salary specific to the respective area. Hence a slight increase “, explains Ana Visian, the representative of an online recruitment platform.

Where are the Romanians with the lowest salaries

In the last 2 years, the average net salary, at national level, has increased by 25 percent, but the differences depending on the county and field have remained significant.

If we were to make a robot portrait of the Romanian who receives the highest salary when hired, then he works in Bucharest, is an IT specialist or doctor and has an average salary that starts at 957 euros. Instead, the Romanian who receives the lowest salary offer is from Covasna and works in fields such as production – on the logistics side, HoReCa or construction – on the installations side. He has a maximum salary of 329 euros.

Before accepting a job, Romanians also study the extra-salary benefits offered. If before the pandemic employers were competing in cash bonuses, gym memberships or medical service packages, the health crisis changed this concept. Now Romanians want extra days off, flexible hours or personal and professional development courses.

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