Emo girl’s Street Fighter 6 Chun Li cosplay has amazing

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Emo girl’s Street Fighter 6 Chun Li cosplay has amazing

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Street Fighter 6 came out earlier this year to the delight of fans who love the legendary Capcom franchise. It has been nominated at The Game Awards 2023 for best innovation in accessibility, which is great to see as its combat is excellent while also welcoming to newcomers. This accessibility has allowed more people to embrace the series’ longest-running characters such as Chun Li. The first lady of fighting games is a staple of the franchise, and this self-dubbed emo girl’s Street Fighter 6 Chun Li cosplay provides a unique look with amazing tattoos all over her body.

Cosplay and Street Fighter 6 both go hand-in-hand. We recently covered a Juri cosplay with shredded abs of steel and insane flexibility, and there’s also a muscular deity that wows in her Cammy cosplay wearing the fan-favorite leotard. Chun Li cosplays can also be found all over the web with one muscle mami showing her meaty thighs, while the muscular Cammy cosplayer also wows as Chun Li flashing her firm glutes.

All of the aforementioned above are fantastic at providing portrayals that meet the over-the-top muscular and mighty physiques synonymous with the fighting games genre. However, this cosplay provides a fantastic alternative in a world where Chun Li decides to get ink.

Emo girl’s Street Fighter 6 Chun Li cosplay

Self-dubbed emo girl, hellcat_nat, has shared her Chun Li cosplay on her Instagram account. The hair is tied up like the character’s, and it’s another example of the classic outfit as that’s the design most fans prefer over the new original base skin in SF6. It’s also the classical blue with gold lines and decorations, but in this portrayal the arms and shoulders are sleeveless.

Of course, the most unique aspect of this cosplay is the individual. It provides an alternative skin where Chun Li is covered in tattoos, and all of them are top-notch high quality. In the video, you can see all of the tattoos covering her thighs and glutes, as well as wrapped around her arm and shoulders in tatted sleeves. They also cover her hand and fingers, and they reach into the covered aspects of her back and chest. All of the tattoos are of incredible quality, and you can see what’s on her back and around her chest through other pictures and reels on her Instagram.

Street Fighter 6 Chun Li cosplay hellcat_natImage credit: hellcat_nat

She has a backup Instagram hellcatnat_, and she is also a model for suicidegirls. Aside from Chun Li, you can see other video game cosplays on her Instagram page such as Tifa from Final Fantasy VII, and D.va from Overwatch. She’s also dabbled in other pop culture characters such as Wednesday Addams, and each of her cosplays look faithful as well as unique because of the incredible ink covering almost every inch of her skin besides the face.

In other cosplay news, a muscle queen is stunning in her Kitana throwback to Mortal Kombat 9. A thicc Lara Croft cosplayer also stunningly recreates PS1 Tomb Raider covers.