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How to lose weight with fast food and junk food. The explanations of the nutritionist Mihaela Bilic

You can lose weight with shaorma, sarmale and merdenele, says nutritionist Mihaela Bilic. She explained to Digi24 that the amount of food we eat is important, on the one hand, and that it is good to lose weight with the foods we like, so as not to accumulate frustrations during the diet.

“I’ve always said that we can lose weight with any food, from sarmale to shit, but a nutrition teacher in Kansas has shown (that you can lose weight with fast food, no.) And it was a mind-boggling issue for the media and the world. medical, ”Bilic said.

The American doctor ate 1,800 calories for two and a half months, “very important calorie restriction – not fast food, junk food – all those bars called chocolate, everything that was packaged, chips, biscuits, donuts, all the nonsense . He did it demonstratively, as a reply to that famous movie “Supersize me”, in which the fast food industry was accused of making people sick “, said Bilic.

She added that the nutritionist had lost 12 kilograms and that all the blood tests had improved.

Bilic defines “fast food” as the products we cook quickly and eat quickly.

“It’s really a play on words that says: take fast food and eat slowly (slowly, no). That sandwich, especially if you take it in the smallest version, and eat it leisurely, you enjoyed it, that it is a sandwich, that it is shaorma. After all, what do we have there? A paste with potatoes and meat, with some vegetables and sauce, is so tasty that it is irresistible, I don’t even know how many calories it would reach, maybe even 1,000. But if we are stingy with sauces and take shaorma on a plate, to get rid of the stick, and put it next to a whipped milk, I don’t see what the evil is in this story “, said Bilic.

The doctor says that any method of losing weight is good, that there is no better type of food to lose weight and that everything comes from quantity.

“No one can stop you from losing weight, nor do you need a nutritionist. Losing weight is a benefit to the body, we don’t even realize how much excess fat hurts us, and the body actually rejuvenates as you lose weight. Losing weight is unhealthy, frustrating, unbalanced, there is no healthy way to lose weight, but it is important to lose weight. You can’t say it’s better to lose weight if you eat chicken breast and salad than if you eat shaorma.

It is important to lose weight even after you have lost weight to maintain weight and then you can return again to things that are a little more balanced, more dietary. But we can also lose weight with the sandwich from the corner store, and with the food cooked at the supermarket “, said Bilic.

She said it’s important to limit the number of calories set, no matter what we eat.

“It is important to lose weight with the food that we like and that we are used to because then, when you want to maintain weight, you should not have any of the frustrations accumulated during the diet and the prohibitions that you have imposed on yourself. . Because the body, when you forbid them, will eat compulsively and compensating everything that has been forbidden.

So it matters if you only lost weight with chicken breast and salad, because after the weight loss is over, you will devour all the forbidden foods. On the other hand, if you had a cake, a schnitzel and a sandwich during the diet, you did not accumulate any frustration related to the absence of these foods “, said Bilic.

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