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How to sleep well, although it is hot. Tips that can make your sleep comfortable

The yellow code of heat and thermal discomfort  was extended on Sunday for several counties in the south and east of the country. The thermal discomfort targets 24 counties, totally or partially, including the city of Bucharest, where until Tuesday the maximum temperatures will be maintained at 36 degrees. It is difficult to sleep uninterruptedly for a whole night once the heat wave is installed. We can’t fall asleep, we wake up frequently, and the coming of the morning becomes a detestable moment. In addition, the situation is likely to continue: as global warming becomes more and more felt, the heat waves will become more frequent and longer.

But things can be less tragic. Here are some tips:

When it’s hot, our sleep is less good. That’s because our body temperature is more difficult to regulate. It increases in the last phase of a sleep cycle (paradoxical sleep), which causes waking up, even in the middle of the night. Therefore, the goal should be to lower body temperature in order to have a good night’s sleep.

Room preparation

During the day, close the windows to avoid turning your home into a real greenhouse. This simple gesture allows you to lower the indoor temperature even by 10 degrees. At night, the humid atmosphere is best for sleep. Without turning your room into a swimming pool, you can place a container full of water in the room, spread a damp sheet, or spray water on the curtains.

In really suffocating places, a fan placed behind an ice-filled container can be used. It does miracles. The air beats on the ice, the room cools down and gives a feeling of humidity.

When you go to bed, you should definitely forget about winter blankets and duvets. Cotton sheets are preferable, because they keep cool and let the skin breathe. So are the pillows. Some have fillers that allow air to pass through and retain less heat than others. These are especially organic, beef or buckwheat fillings.

Body training

The first recommendation during the heat : drink water. And not just in the evening, before bed, but throughout the day. Take a bottle of water and place it near the bed, to avoid getting out of bed and going to the kitchen, if you get thirsty during the night.

Dinner should be light, because digestion raises body temperature. In addition, you do not risk getting thirsty if it is a short digestion. Eat fresh foods, vegetables, vegetables, fish or white meat. It would be good to forget about the glass of alcohol, because alcohol also raises body temperature.

Even before you go to bed, you can take a shower with lukewarm water. It allows you to moisturize your skin. Therefore, do not wipe yourself well after getting out of the shower.

Instead, avoid showering with cold water. It will only suddenly lower your body temperature, but your body will try to restore an average temperature, the result being that you will warm up instead of cooling down.

Don’t go to bed too early

A shorter and more efficient sleep is more beneficial than a long one, but with frequent interruptions. Therefore, you can postpone bedtime for a while. Before going to bed, spray water on the sheets, pillow, neck, face and the rest of the body to accentuate the impression of coolness. Always keep in mind the idea that you need to do it in such a way that you try to reduce your body temperature.

What do we do with the baby?

As with the rest of the family, the baby should be placed in a cool room, but cooled by the above tips. The air conditioning and the fan have nothing to look for in the baby’s room.

The air conditioning dries the air, or the baby needs humidified air to breathe well. It is good to avoid the fan left on all night, because the baby may be cold. The little ones can’t adjust their body temperature on their own. To cool them, a humidifier can be used or water can be sprayed on their bodies. You can also pass over their body a wet bathing glove.

As for the ideal night outfit for children, a short-sleeved cotton bodysuit is enough. The baby will not necessarily spend a better night if left alone in diapers. The cotton of the body lets the air through and absorbs perspiration. Obviously, we won’t put it in a sleeping bag.

The child can be woken up more than six times a night to drink water. Newborns will only be given milk during the day or small amounts of water at room temperature.

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