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Summer heat bombs. How much watermelon is good to eat a day and why it is recommended to avoid fruit in the evening

The watermelon season begins, and many people eat slices of this cool fruit at any time of the day and in large quantities. But it is one of the fruits that make you fat, just like cherries and grapes. Diabetologist Mihaela Ene explained to Digi24 why it is not good to eat more than 500-600 grams of watermelon a day and why fruits, in general, should not be eaten in large quantities in the evening.

“We can eat up to half a kilogram of watermelon or cherries a day, but never after 18.00. Fruits have a lot of sugar, and the sugar eaten after a certain hour, after which we no longer spend it through physical activity, is deposited on the liver in the form of fat. And in this way, from excess fruit during the summer, hepatic steatosis can occur and diabetes can become unbalanced, just as people can gain weight by eating fruit in the evening “, said the doctor.

This is true for all fruits. Many people, however, eat fruit when they want to have a light snack in the evening.

“One fruit would be enough. A fruit means how much it fits in a ladle. For a person who does not have problems with blood sugar, does not have weight problems, it is not a problem to eat in the evening, to cool down, a slice of watermelon or a moderate bowl of cherries or 2-3 apricots. But the excess of these fruits and keeping the fruits as a light dinner in the evening for dinner is not at all reasonable “, said Ene.

The doctor says that people with diabetes can also eat fruit in moderate amounts.

“I can eat melons, grapes and bananas. Many diabetics run away from bananas, but eat kilograms of apples. Each fruit has a concentration of sugar. There are very sweet fruits, such as bananas, plums, pears, grapes, they have somewhere at 20% sugars and should be consumed per serving with about 100-125 grams, ie as much as fits in a cup. There are fruits with 10-12% sugar – apples, citrus fruits, seasonal fruits, which are consumed at 200-250 grams per serving. And when it comes to less sweet fruits – and here we can enjoy watermelon – because they are very watery, here we can enjoy 300 grams per serving. Two servings a day should be enough. The remaining up to 5 servings should be vegetables “, the doctor explained.

“We can eat on a hot day, at lunch, even two slices of watermelon instead of lunch and it can be a reasonable choice,” she added.

The doctor says that it is better to eat fresh fruit than to make a smoothie, because the fruits also come with fiber, vitamins and minerals.

“When we squeeze the fruit, everything that means fiber remains protected and we choose only the sugar and water from the fruit. A fresh 3-4 oranges is a meal in itself, at 400 calories you can have a Bulgarian salad, a Greek salad, a steak with vegetables, much more filling. And in the end, it’s water with sugar “, Ene explained.

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