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UNTOLD 2021. How many people participated in the four days of the festival

The UNTOLD festival ended on Sunday night, after four days in which more than 265,000 people, from over 100 countries, came to listen to live music in Cluj-Napoca. The organizers announce that 75 percent of the participants were vaccinated.

After the festival was not held last year, due to a pandemic, this year the organizers say that the participants enjoyed maximum safety conditions, “in the safest public place in Romania”, and announce that the 2022 edition will take place .

Access to the festival was made exclusively on the basis of the EU Digital Certificate COVID-19 or rapid testing in UNTOLD accredited medical centers. As an additional safety measure, minors over 7 years of age underwent the same epidemiological triage.

“The first day was full of emotion, we saw people crying with joy when they entered the festival, there were over 56,000 people, a number that makes us realize how much the festival was expected this year and this is just the beginning “, said Edi Chereji, communication director at UNTOLD.

On the last night of the 2021 edition, over 65,000 people attended the festival. 

In 2022, “this magical land, called UNTOLD, will reopen its doors to those who want to discover its secrets,” organizers said in a statement. 

“We remind you that 75% of the fans present at this edition were vaccinated. The average recorded at UNTOLD was impressive, being almost three times higher than the national immunization average. This confirms the fact that this year’s UNTOLD festival was the safest public place in Romania, but also the fact that the festival was a good incentive for those who get vaccinated “, the organizers emphasize. 

How it was on the last night of the festival

Alok , who ranks 5th in the ranking of the 100 best DJs in the world, was one of the artists who climbed the Untold mainstage on the last night of the festival. The Brazilian confessed to tens of thousands of fans that he is extremely grateful for what he experienced on Cluj Arena. “It’s my first live show in a long time. I am extremely excited to have this opportunity to be with you. I’ve been a DJ for over 17 years, but I haven’t been able to reach any events in the last two years. I love Romania and I want to return to Untold “, said Alok, quoted by Mediafax.

Afrojack , which ranks 7th in the ranking of the 100 best DJs in the world, released for the first time in the world on Cluj-Arena its new single entitled “Anywhere”. It was a gift from the Dutch DJ and producer to fans who have been waiting for him to return to the stage for more than two years.

Along with these artists on the main stage Untold also climbed the two members of the Ofenbach project , the Frenchman Martin Solveig and the Dutch DJ Quintino, who closed the festival on the mainstage.

The fourth day of the festival ended with an emotional ceremony and an impressive fireworks display.

How much does it cost to come to UNTOLD

During the festival, the hotels in Cluj were occupied at full capacity. For the four days and four nights, a double room in a three-star hotel cost 2,400 lei, and in a five-star hotel, the prices jumped by 4,000 lei. The dormitories were not empty either. In a basic home, a room cost 2,400 lei, and in a premium home, 3,300 lei. Equally large sums were demanded by the owners who rented their apartments during the festival.

An average of 600 euros was spent by a spectator in the four days of UNTOLD. After a year of pandemic in which Cluj’s economy declined, the festival came like a breath of fresh air. Because this year the limit of participants in the festival was 75,000 per day, it was estimated that the amount that will reach the local budget will be  about 30 million euros.

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