Why it’s not good to start your morning diet.

Restrictive diets lead to compulsive eating, and any weight lost is immediately put back, says diabetologist Laura Ene. She adds that eliminating some foods from the diet by ear, without the advice of a professional, also causes deficiencies of vitamins and minerals and can make us sick.

“As the entire pill, slimming powder industry has advanced, including promising environments, miraculous results, overnight weight loss, this industry has grown exponentially and in parallel with obesity. The cases of obesity have not decreased due to the fact that these miraculous things have appeared, on the contrary, they have exploded “, said the doctor.

“From my point of view, diet is nothing more than the foundation of extra pounds. Every diet – and the people who did it I know – I lost 10, 15, 20 pounds that I gained back. These restrictive diets underlie deviant eating behaviors, from my point of view. In 20 years of experience, I had the opportunity to see many people who started eating compulsively, emotionally, having bulimia, suffering from anorexia precisely because of the extremist diets they followed “, she added.

“The worst thing is that from a very young age, teenagers turn a deaf ear to all sorts of influencers who promise the sea with salt and show on social networks how much, easily and quickly they have lost weight with various so-called solutions. marvel. But the miracle lasts only 3 days, as well as the lost kilograms. They return, possibly with reinforcements, as soon as the diet is over “, Ene added.

The doctor recommends that there be an interval of 4-5 hours between meals and if the duration is longer, we should have a snack.

“It is important not to sit at the table hungry in the evening. Everyone starts dieting in the morning, eats a yogurt, nibbles on an apple – which makes you hungry, then eats a salad, with 2-3 strands of chicken breast. And they arrive home hungry, tired, they also have a problem and the diet is over on the shelves of hypermarkets or by calling the catering companies, which offer fast food. And that’s how another high-calorie diet day ended in the evening “, said Ene.

“The diet does not start in the morning. In order to lose a caloric deficit, it is important to eat during the day “, she added.

The doctor says that we should not exclude foods that saturate and nourish us.

“Sure, it’s a good salad, but not just it, because you risk getting gastritis. Nothing happens with a slice of bread, two, in the morning, with a portion of potatoes at lunch. Sure, we have nothing to look for with excess carbs in the evening, but if I give the body quality fuel in the morning, real food at lunch – one way, maybe two ways, if the portions are smaller – so that in the evening, when I get home, I It looks like I want to eat, but it doesn’t seem to matter very much, let’s not sleep on my stomach. And then otherwise you can control the feeling of hunger “, Ene explained.

“These restrictive diets are also the first step towards compulsive eating and emotional eating, because they are full of restrictions. Because the severe caloric restriction, made after the ear, without knowing how to combine foods – making this major caloric deficit, you also make a deficiency of vitamins and minerals, inevitable. And there, in that deficit, the desires are found “, she added.

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