2023 Holiday Gift Guide: Sisters

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2023 Holiday Gift Guide: Sisters

Bow earrings (big, small) because she is a gift to this world, from $22.

Or an initial necklace charm in a beautiful font, $45.

A voice-y, flavor-packed cookbook you know she’ll enjoy, like Tenderheart, More Is More, or Bake Smart. From $24.

Ribbed half zip to wear for running, biking, traveling, weekend lounging, and just feeling cute. Comes in eight colors, $128.

The fruit/vegetable calendar you’ve both loved and used for years, $44.

Mac n cheese club, $57/month; or just a straight-up container of cacio e pepe, $28.

Super soft sweater in 13 colors, including pale blue and the perfect cherry red I’ve been hunting for. Only $25 (!).

Dinner Party and After Party candles, $45, for warm, sparkly evenings all year.

12 bagel puzzles to put together over the holidays, $38. (Or $15 mini ones.)

A stack of fun magazines, like The New Yorker, so she, too, can read the Emma Cline story and weigh in on whether it was creepy or not. (It was!!!)

A year-long subscription to Big Salad, $60, our weekly newsletter packed with great finds, life advice, and dating gossip. 🙂 🙂 🙂

A donation to the Nature Conservancy and a long, chatty walk together. xo

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