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National adoption campaign for stray dogs. The story of the puppy Silva, who was visiting the Government

Prime Minister Florin Cîţu encourage municipalities and county councils to band together in a national campaign fast d e adopt is to stray dogs, let r e pr e z e ntanţii NGO Ag e nt Gr ee n after a meeting is RA is my e RUL. At the Victoria Palace and Silva, a Cat ‘s Lusa adopted and st is rilizată.

“Tomorrow, October 4, the whole world will celebrate World Animal Day. On the eve of this day, I talked to Prime Minister Florin Cîţu, a great animal lover, about wild and farm animals and especially about the unresolved problem of stray puppies in Romania. One of them is the puppy Silva who was a unique presence at Victoria Palace. And sterlizată was taken several years ago “, and is shown in a post is Ag e nt Gr ee n p s I s book.

“In order to solve the problem at national level, the prime minister will encourage mayors and county councils to make a common front in a fast, efficient and creative national campaign based on the Ilfov model where football players and the County Council recently joined forces in a adoption campaign that has already made the rounds of the world “, it is shown in the post .

“Every puppy deserves to find a home. To be adopted and sterilized, like Silva. And why not to get a friend, therapist, guard and scout, as Silva “, say e Ag e nt Gr ee n.

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