Revolt in England after an alpaca was picked up by the authorities to be killed. Geronimo’s story

An alpaca was picked up by the authorities to be euthanized PHOTO: Profimedia Images

An alpaca in the middle of a legal dispute, after being tested positive twice for bovine tuberculosis, was taken over by the British authorities from the Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) for euthanasia.

Several police officers accompanied Defra employees who arrived at Helena Macdonald’s farm in Wickwar, near Bristol, on Tuesday morning. Dozens of protesters were waiting there, and the scenes were dramatic.

Defra ordered Geronimo’s euthanasia after the two tests, but Helen Macdonald challenged the results, went to court and took countless other steps to save him before Defra’s September 4 deadline.

Police entered Geronimo’s enclosure as soon as he arrived at the farm, around 11:00 local time, the scenes being broadcast live, online. Escorted by police, Defra officials took over the alpaca, while dozens of angry protesters watched the scenes helplessly, according to the  BBC 

A police spokesman confirmed that officers went to the farm to support Defra officials. “We will always help our partner agencies to carry out their legal duties, and our role is to prevent violations of the law and to ensure that public safety is protected ,” they added.

Geronimo’s story

Geronimo was brought to England from New Zealand in August 2017 by Helen Macdonald. Alpaca was tested twice positive for bovine tuberculosis in August and November of the same year. Therefore, Geronimo had to live in isolation, away from the other animals on the Wickwar farm.

Authorities requested a court decision to be able to euthanize Geronimo in July 2018. Following some steps, Geronimo received a suspension of the decision, the deadline for euthanasia being moved to the end of August.

But Helen Macdonald called for a judicial review of Geronimo’s case, arguing that new evidence shows that the animal is healthy, which is the beginning of a real legal battle.

Helen went to various courts with the evidence she had, but each time her case was rejected, and all she could do was postpone the euthanasia.

In the end, when all avenues were exhausted, it was decided that Geronimo be euthanized.

Geronimo’s case took to the streets animal lovers and those who defend their rights, who demanded the annulment of the decision claiming that the diagnosis was made incorrectly and has no scientific coverage.

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