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The emotional story of Baegku, the dog who kept his mistress alive for 40 hours

Baekgu was named the first honorary rescue dog in South Korea, after playing a key role in finding his mistress, 40 hours after her disappearance. His story is all the more impressive since, three years ago, she saved him after he was abandoned and then attacked by an older dog. It’s like rewarding us for everything, said the woman’s daughter.

Baekgu’s 90-year-old mistress, who lives in Hongseong, South Korea, was reported missing on August 25. Her daughter, Shim, had told police she could no longer contact her mother for hours. When they checked the video footage from the surveillance cameras of a nearby farm, the police saw the woman leaving the village with her white dog. Her search began, the woman being found only after 40 hours, in the middle of a rice plantation, about two kilometers away from home. The old woman had fallen in a damp area, where the rice grew tall and thick, so she could not be seen, and could not get up, writes CNN. She wouldn’t have survived if it weren’t for her dog, Baekgu. The dog stayed with him, despite the cold weather, keeping him warm during the rain. Rescuers were able to locate them after detecting the dog’s body temperature using a drone with a thermal imaging camera. Forty hours after her disappearance, rescuers found the woman and immediately took her to a nearby hospital. They said the drone could not detect her because her body temperature had dropped and it was raining heavily. The woman was treated for hypothermia, and now her condition is stable. On Monday, Baekgu received the title of the country’s first honorary rescue dog. In the photos from the ceremony, Baekgu has a wreath of flowers around his neck while he is surrounded by several people. “Baekgu was an abandoned dog who became part of our family after we rescued him from another dog’s attacks three years ago. I am very grateful, it seems that through his gesture, he rewarded us, “said the daughter of the rescued woman. In April 2020, the National Fire Agency adopted a new regulation by which animals can also receive an honorary title as a reward for their important role in saving people’s lives.

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