The phenomenon of “flying dresses”

A sky of a perfect blue, buildings of an immaculate white and a gorgeous red dress that flutters elegantly in the wind are the ingredients for the perfect image dreamed of by any woman eager for appreciation on social networks. At first they were just simple photos taken on the picturesque island of Santorini, but the impact was so great that a new business conquered the world and social networks.

Photographs of “flying dresses”, as they were called, have become popular in other tourist paradises, such as Dubai, Cuba, Mexico or Jamaica.

The images look as if they were taken from the pages of a famous fashion magazine, but the photo sessions are relatively accessible and have become part of the holiday offers.

The undisputed queen of these photos is Evgenia Volokitina, who founded SantoriniDress with her husband Kirill Babenkov in 2016, writes CNN. The two took wedding and portrait photos. While in the Dominican Republic, Babenkov saw a stylist add a long train to a dress for a more dramatic look, which gave him the idea to take such photos in Santorini. Since then, he and Evgenia have expanded their business to Italy, Cuba and Dubai.

Volokitina and Babenkov set up a website where they promoted these photos, and their success made others try to start a business on the same model.

Chrisan Hunter is organizing weddings in Jamaica and wanted to go to Santorini to do similar photo shoots. When the pandemic broke out, she changed her plan and decided to capitalize on the idea in her home country. He was lucky because Jamaica remained largely open to tourists, except for a few short periods of blockade and restrictions.

Tourists from the US and Canada continued to come to Jamaica on vacation. Many had even planned trips to Greece, but had given up due to restrictions, so Chrisan Hunter’s offer suited their wishes perfectly.

Women who want such photos in Jamaica receive a suitable dress, are styled, made up and given all the support to get the desired image.

Hunter said that he started making photo sessions not only for one person, but also for the group, being situations in which the group included even 14 women dressed in dresses of different colors, and the effect was even more spectacular.

The business also gained ground in Mexico, where it was adapted so that waterproof fluid dresses are chosen for photo sessions, perfect for floating on the turquoise waters of the Yucatan Peninsula, where the Mayans are said to have communicated with the gods.

Photos are not easy to take, and often unforeseen situations arise. For example, Christina Kumar talked about how difficult the photo shoot she did in the California desert, where it was very hot, but also full of thorns, was.

Beyond the unforeseen situations and even if it often takes an hour to find the right time for such a photo, the impact is strong and the image captures a memorable memory.

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