A bear was caught looking for food in a makeshift kitchen

A bear was caught in the kitchen of a Thai family living in a wooden house in the middle of hills. The chick was hardly removed by the man who saw it and said that most likely the wild animal was attracted to the smell of food.

The images published by Profimedia were made by the man who woke up with the bear in his kitchen while cooking the scrambled eggs. The incident took place in the rural province of Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, on August 20. 

Photo: Profimedia Images

Although he tried to remove it with several noises, the bear cub continued to search for food, spilling a few bottles of cooking oil and other spices. 

“I saw the bear while I was preparing my meal. I think the smell starved the chicken and that’s why he went into the kitchen. I didn’t know that the food I cooked was so good that even bears would try it, ā€¯joked the man, named Zen Kritsada.

The bear ran away after finally being frightened by the noise made by the man with the help of bottles. 

Asian black bears, or “collared bears,” as they are also called, have round teddy bear-like ears and a white V-shaped spot on their chest. 

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