The President of Romania says that the depreciation of the leu is not related to the political crisis. “No worries”

Leu-euro exchange rate. Photo: GettyImages

Today, the euro reached a new all-time high against the leu, being quoted at 4.9416 lei. Prime Minister Florin Cîțu says that the depreciation of the national currency was not influenced by the political crisis and that the leu remains one of the most stable currencies in the region.

“The leu-euro exchange rate is determined by the market. It is very complicated to say that what is happening here today has to do with the course. The depreciation of the leu had started before this event “, said Florin Cîțu.

“It may be related to very low interest rates in the Romanian market. If we look at interest rates on loans, they decrease. We should be very careful about what happens to the international market. No worries. The leu is one of the most stable currencies outside the eurozone, “he added.

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