Another CFR train was stuck in the field. Traveler: Unfortunately, this has become the norm

Another CFR train was stuck in the field. Traveler: Unfortunately, this has become the norm

A train going from Galați to Bucharest was stuck in the field for more than an hour. The locomotive broke down near the city of Buzau. They had to wait 70 minutes for the passengers to be replaced. CFR Călători promises to provide the connection for passengers whose final destinations were other cities.

Dumitru Girbacea, passenger:  About 15 km before arriving in Buzau, the train stopped in the middle of the field and we were informed that the locomotive had broken down and it is not known how long we will wait, during which time no one gave us other information .

People went into a time crisis, given that they had connections to other places in the western parts of the country. The driver said that the locomotive broke down and we are waiting for another locomotive from Buzau, unable to estimate a time.

We received the recommendation not to get off the train, given the fact that the locomotive is broken, it loses air and the compressor can no longer support the closing and opening of the doors.

Unfortunately, it has become normal for trains to be delayed and a utopia to believe that we will be compensated.

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