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The rise in energy and fuel prices brings inflation to 5.25%. Which foods cost more now and which are cheaper

Stack of 100 and 50 lei banknotes. Photo: Getty Images

Prices rose last month, driven up by increases in energy and fuel tariffs. In August 2021, inflation fell to 5.25% compared to the same month last year. Electricity, oil, gas and fuel are the products that have become more expensive compared to August 2020.

Data from the National Institute of Statistics show that last month most non-food products became more expensive, by almost 8 percent.

Service tariffs also increased by almost 3%, and food prices rose by 2.7% compared to August 2020.

Electricity has become more expensive. We now pay almost 25 lei more for every hundred lei billed. Romanians now pay more than 20% more for gas than last summer, but the season of high gas prices will only start in autumn.

And pump prices have risen in the last year. According to INS data, a liter of fuel now costs over 14% more than in August 2020. If last year drivers could buy a liter of gasoline and diesel for about 4.5 lei, now they have to pay about 6 lei.

As for food, there were price increases for oil, sheep’s milk, fresh fish and margarine. However, there are also products and services that are cheaper now. The price of potatoes fell by about 33%. There were also lower prices for fruit, citrus and plane tickets.

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