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Brexit has left the UK without the status of the main “trading gateway” to Europe: “Prices have doubled and tripled. It’s a nightmare. “

Brexit has damaged Britain’s status as the main crossing point for goods entering Europe and increased border bureaucracy, which has diminished the Kingdom’s economic influence on the continent, say British transport companies complaining of high transport prices. on the continent, according to  Euronews .

The Brexit situation has also been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic – “It was the perfect storm,” says Robert Larkin, director of Med Freight Services, a London-based company.

“Everything is delayed due to the pandemic and Brexit. It’s a complete nightmare, “he added.

His airline is one of dozens hit by the UK’s exit from the European Union. The additional bureaucracy brought by border controls, the large number of “signatures, stamps, permits and permits”, all considerably slow down the activity.

The problems brought by Brexit also come with the anxieties caused by the fact that the UK is no longer linked to the European economic circuit:

“What’s the point of bringing products here?” We better bring them to Paris or wherever it’s easier. Before, as Thatcher (former editor of the United Kingdom) used to say, we were the “gateway to Europe.” Companies like Honda or Nissan came to invest to bring products to Europe through the UK, ”says Jeffrey Ingarfield, director of Glenn Freight Services.

For air transport, prices have doubled or tripled just to get goods out of the country. In terms of shipping, we have a container that comes from China – it costs five times more than last year, from $ 3,000 to $ 15,000. These tariff increases will hit the consumer at some point, “Larkin added.

The UK government’s transport department says it is “in talks” with EU member states “to ensure the ability of UK companies to carry out transport with minimum administrative requirements”.

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