Joe Biden, about retiring from the eternal war.

President Joe Biden delivered a new speech on the withdrawal from Afghanistan in which he again defended his decision. Photo: Profimedia Images

US President Joe Biden addressed the US on the issue of  evacuation from Afghanistan on Tuesday, again justifying his decision to withdraw US troops but also talking about the guilt – of the former Afghan government, which disintegrated in the face of the Taliban advance and the previous administration , of  Donald Trump, who previously made deals with the Taliban . The US president also said that the US no longer had targets in Afghanistan after the elimination of Al Qaeda and Bin Laden and that the withdrawal “was the best decision for America”.

The president of the United States spoke of the “extraordinary success” of the US evacuation mission in recent weeks and the fact that hundreds of thousands of Americans and Afghans have been evacuated from Kabul under conditions of extreme pressure and tension.

Biden did not shy away from accusing the leaders of the former Afghan government, on which the United States depended during its operation for the past 20 years, of “corruption and bad governance.” Biden also harshly criticized former President Trump, whom he said had negotiated “an inappropriate withdrawal agreement” with the Taliban and put his administration in a position to “leave or escalate this eternal war.”

“My predecessor made a deal with the Taliban. When I took office, I had a deadline – May 1. The Taliban offensive was coming. We have several options – to honor the agreement made by the previous administration (ed. – Trump administration), to extend the evacuation period or to escalate the war with thousands of new troops.

I ask those calling for a third decade of war in Afghanistan – what is our national interest? From my point of view, we have only one thing, to make sure that Afghanistan can no longer be used to launch an attack on our country.

Let’s remember why we went to war in Afghanistan. Because we were attacked by Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda on September 11, 2001. We brought Osama bin Laden to justice on May 2, 2011, more than a decade ago. Al-Qaeda was decimated. “

The US president reiterated the costs of the war in Afghanistan – more than 2,000 American soldiers killed and more than $ 2 trillion spent on an effort that ended with the return of Afghanistan to the Taliban.

The US mission in Afghanistan to eradicate al-Qaeda and eliminate Osama bin Laden was fulfilled a decade ago, Biden said.

American public opinion supports the withdrawal from Afghanistan, which is one of the topics on which the polls show overwhelming support from Americans. The way she was executed, however, has been criticized, and for this reason, Biden has been declining in recent polls.

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