A man who bought an old house discovered a secret room in the attic. Inside was a treasure

David Whitcomb FOTO: Facebook/ David Whitcomb

When David Whitcomb bought a property in Geneva, New York, he did not know that he was hiding about 1,000 old objects, which could be worth much more than the amount paid per property.

A few weeks after buying the building for his law firm in late 2020, Whitcomb inspected the building’s attic, on which occasion he saw something unusual on the ceiling. When he checked more closely, he discovered a secret room, hidden in the attic, according to  Insider .

Inside the attic, Whitcomb has actually discovered the old studio of photographer James Ellery Hale, full of over 1,000 antiques. Whitcomb found cameras and other photographic equipment, furniture, decorations and portraits of 20th-century celebrities, including a rare portrait of feminist Susan B. Anthony, according to One Source Auctions.

A representative of One Source Auctions confirmed to Insider that it will put the items up for auction on September 18. The same representative estimates that the antiques could bring around $ 200,000.

Whitcomb said he spent months working on cleaning, authenticating and restoring the collection, along with One Source Auctions. Prior to the auction, he distributed updates about the collection on a dedicated Facebook page.

The New York Times says Whitcomb bought the building for $ 100,000. The same source states that the photographer Hale moved to the area around 1880 and, according to the evidence, would have lived in this house as well. The first convention on women’s rights took place here in 1848. While living in the area, the famous portrait photographer captured images with suffragettes.

The attic of the house was closed 100 years ago.

“Everyone hopes to find a treasure someday, and we did ,” Whitcomb said.

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