CTP: USR PLUS compromised in medium and long term after association with AUR for the motion of censure

Cristian Tudor Popescu spoke at Digi24 about the political scandal between USR PLUS and Florin Cîțu.

Cristian Tudor Popescu spoke at Digi24 about the political scandal between USR PLUS and Florin Cîțu. The journalist is of the opinion that USR PLUS made a mistake in the medium and long term by associating with AUR in order to submit and vote on a motion of censure that would lead to the demolition of the Cîțu Government. CTP argues this statement and adds that, however, the USR PLUS decision will not affect the political party in the short term.

Cristian Tudor Popescu:  USR PLUS has assumed. In my opinion, he made a big mistake in the medium and long term. That of joining his name, with signatures, to GOLD.

Some representatives of USR PLUS had said at one point, about 48 hours ago, even Mr. Barna, “sir, we are voting for another motion of censure, but if we fail to collect enough signatures, we are voting for another motion of censure, but no we sign ”.

It was good what they were saying there. They thought like this: “the vote is flowing, it was voted secretly”, well, they will accuse each other “that I, that I don’t know what”, is not something clear. While the signatures are there, with first and last name. And they will remain on the list they want to submit now with GOLD, they will remain for eternity, they will remain in history. It will remain this document that they will be with those characters… let’s call them exotic, from AUR.

Claudiu Pândaru:  Florin Cîțu did not hesitate to use this juxtaposition, calling it a “toxic alliance”, and even threatening to inform the European political groups in parliament, NATO allies, the Americans…

CTP: Cîțu announces to the Americans… What will the Americans do? Will the American embassy come to pull Cioloș and Barna by the ears?

Cristian Tudor Popescu:  There are some bombs dropped by Mr. Cîțu. He announces to the Americans… The Americans are watching here too… What will the Americans do? Will the American embassy come to pull Cioloș and Barna by the ears? Not by a long shot.

I was talking about that with voting and signing. This is a Caragiale-type thing, that’s what struck me. Which means you vote, but you don’t sign. See what USR PLUS is trying to do? I’m voting, but I didn’t sign. Well, if you voted, does it matter that you didn’t sign? It’s like that… “we give it anonymously!”, From Caragiale. I mean, if I don’t sign, it means that it won’t matter that I, together with PSD and AUR, overthrew the government I was part of. Not? Because I didn’t sign. But now the problem is no longer raised, because they will sign as far as I understand, along with AUR.

And that, I told you, is a long-term compromise. In the short term, it’s not. Do you know why? Because in the electorate of the two parties, let’s say, formations, that I wouldn’t want to call GOLD a party. The two parties have in the electorate, among the fans, people with a common human profile. Enough people with a common human profile.

Claudiu Pândaru:  It’s an interesting statement.

CTP: They will not lose to their electorate, of USR PLUS, through this maneuver with GOLD

Cristian Tudor Popescu:  Yes! I also look on Facebook, because we live there. Not? Real life is on Facebook. What does it matter what else? I look and see what the USR PLUS supporters look like, what the GOLD supporters look like. Many of them have a violent, verbal profile, for the time being verbal, but as we have seen, it can also manifest in the street. Aggressive, fanatical, no reason, put on destruction, on radical things – “let’s break, let’s tear down!”.

Claudiu Pândaru:  However, the differences are major between AUR and any other political party.

Cristian Tudor Popescu:  Wait a minute! I talked about supporters, fans, I didn’t talk about party members and party leaders.

Claudiu Pândaru:  I think that all parties have vocal, eccentric, fast keyboard supporters on Facebook.

Cristian Tudor Popescu:  No! Look, no! From my analyzes, I did not meet either PNL or PSD of these fanatics themselves, ready, “tomorrow, come on, let’s break them, tear them down, break them, their mother”. I don’t know if it’s good or bad for these two games. Is it good, or is it bad not to have such fans? I don’t want to comment on that. But, they will not lose to their electorate, of USR PLUS, through this maneuver with GOLD, they will not lose from the electorate, in my opinion.

Claudiu Pândaru:  Because the desire is the demolition, or revenge on the Cîțu Government.

CTP: When he fired Stelian Ion, Cîțu realized that he was renting. Because he is primarily interested in winning the PNL presidency

Cristian Tudor Popescu:  Sir, demolition, period! This characterizes some of them from AUR, supporters, as well as from USR PLUS.

Claudiu Pândaru:  Returning to politics, to the representatives of the USR PLUS party. You told us that Mr. Cîțu’s plan was clear. Namely to push out of the USR PLUS Government.

Cristian Tudor Popescu:  No! He didn’t want to push out, he didn’t care. He is not interested in pushing USR PLUS out of the government. He is interested in being the president of PNL on September 25. Because he knew very well that if the party president Ludovic Orban remains, he no longer exists as prime minister, because that is the equation.

Claudiu Pândaru: Dismissing  Stelian Ion, don’t you anticipate, don’t calculate that those from USR PLUS will be practically forced to leave?

Cristian Tudor Popescu:  Yes! But he realized he was renting. Why? Because he is primarily interested in the relationship with the PNL. To win the PNL presidency.

CTP: USR PLUS had another, better solution – all ministers in the bloc resigned

Claudiu Pândaru: Did the people  from USR PLUS have another solution besides this joining of GOLD?

Cristian Tudor Popescu:  Of course they had. They had! How not to? All the ministers in the bloc resigned. Which was a better solution – about honor, which has been talked about – and this solution was supported, as far as I know, by PLUS, by Dacian Cioloș.

Claudiu Pândaru:  Mr. Cioloș didn’t even have much to lose.

Cristian Tudor Popescu: Exact! This is Cioloș’s position towards Barna and USR PLUS. He doesn’t have much to lose, and then he pushes the PLUS to radical solutions. And he supported this solution. So, “we no longer submit any motion of censure, we resign!”. What would have been the gesture of USR PLUS, theirs, they had nothing to do with AUR or PSD. “Sir, we can no longer continue, we are stepping aside… we do not want to overthrow the government.” To take down Cîțu means to take down the government, that’s the law. “We do not want to overthrow the government, we can no longer be part of this government, because.” And we say the reasons. Perhaps the reasons should have been those of direct interest to citizens, ie government economic policy, finance, bills, school policy, education and so on. Not the fact that Cîțu fired Stelian Ion.

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