Dacian Cioloș neagă că s-ar fi exprimat în favoarea suspendării președintelui Klaus Iohannis Foto: colaj Digi24

Dacian Cioloș: I don’t think it’s a solution to talk about suspending the president

Dacian Cioloș denies that he would have spoken in favor of the suspension of President Klaus Iohannis Photo: Digi24 collage

USR PLUS co-president Dacian Ciolos said on Friday that suspending the president would not be a solution to resolving the current political crisis. He clarified in connection with some statements made at a USR PLUS meeting in Cluj, which were interpreted in the public space as an opinion in favor of the suspension of the head of state.

“To be clear: it was a question from party colleagues. We had several questions asked by colleagues, which were voted on by colleagues and in order of supporting the questions, we answered them. So, it was a question that I answered that I don’t think it’s a solution to talk about the suspension of the president, that it’s not a solution to suspend the president, that’s what I said, please take the recording, I don’t think it’s someone serious who understood anything else . So, it is not a solution to suspend the president, I just said that the president, through the Constitution, has different levers “, said Dacian Cioloș, responding to a request from the press to clarify this issue.

“I do not know how much we can rely on President Iohannis in resolving this crisis, but he, if he wants to contribute, has the tools to use. I think what matters most is what we want, USR PLUS, what messages we want to convey and through the decisions we will take in the coming weeks and months we will establish a trajectory until 2024 and I think that we must aim “, Said Dacian Cioloș at a debate in Cluj between the three candidates for the presidency of USR PLUS.

“The President of Romania and through the Constitution should play a moderating role, bring the members of the coalition to the same table, in this case, and I expect the president to play this role. I am not in favor of an aggressive, violent approach. There have been other cases in which Romanian presidents have been suspended and we know where it has come. I do not have the impression that any problem has been solved in this way, but rather other problems have been created. I hope that the president will assume this role more and more, something that has not necessarily happened lately, moreover, USR PLUS has been pulled by the ears, but the president can choose if he wants to play an active role in solving this crises or does not want to play it. I personally don’t think a suspension – a suspension doesn’t depend on USR PLUS anyway – but in general, 

The statement was interpreted in the public space as a threat to the suspension of the head of state and because of this, later, Dacian Cioloș was asked by journalists to clarify his point of view.

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