Foto: InquamPhotos/George Călin

Ludovic Orban: “PNL has no debt to President Iohannis. On the contrary!”

Foto: InquamPhotos/George Călin

Ludovic Orban, declared, on Friday, in Dâmbovița, that PNL has no debt towards the president Klaus Iohannis. The PNL leader also said that those in Florin Cîțu’s team lost a friend in him, whom they could have had for the rest of their lives, “if they had a little cheek”.

“I believe that the PNL has no debt to President Iohannis. On the contrary! I am convinced that the PNL president must be elected by the PNL members, with their minds, their thoughts and their souls. I believe that the president of the PNL must be indebted and his legitimacy must be based only on your vote, the great army of the PNL. And I assure you, at the same time, that after I win, it will be the same successful partnership with the President of Romania, as it was in all four years when I was the President of the PNL and I won almost all the battles I fought. I went, “Orban was quoted as saying by Mediafax.

He stated that he has been living “the hardest period of his life” for three months: “To see people deleting all the posts from the last four years, posts in which they were telling the truth, they were not praising me, they were telling the truth. Naturally, they praised me when I overthrew the PSD Government, practically bringing together parliamentarians from six different political groups against a party that had 47% in Parliament. Of course, people praise you, they recognized the truth, they didn’t try to praise me to win positions. Of course, many also praised me for winning. But they deleted the posts, they didn’t even leave the objective posts. People I believed in, that’s the truth, people I invested in “, said the PNL president.

He gave the example of Robert Sighiartău, “whom I don’t think you knew when I proposed him as general secretary of PNL” and who is now in Florin Cîțu’s team.

Orban also said that almost everyone in the “so-called winning team” loses, wins nothing.

“First of all, they lost a friend that maybe they could have had for the rest of their lives, if they had a little cheek. But everyone chooses their path in life “, said the PNL leader.

He also commented on the moment when the liberals in Florin Cîțu’s team made a “so-called BPN” and decided that no parliamentarian is allowed to participate in the plenary session in which the censure motion is read, one day before reading the motion.

“At night, around 23.00, I send another convocation, for the next morning, in which I take the totally opposite decision, that the parliamentarians are obliged to participate in the plenary session”, commented Ludovic Orban.

Ludovic Orban and Florin Cîțu are running for the party’s leadership at the September 25 Congress.

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