PSD President Marcel Ciolacu: “We are ready to come to power. We have the program completed”

PSD President Marcel Ciolacu. Photo: INQUAM Photos / Sabin Cirstoveanu

The president of PSD, Marcel Ciolacu, declared on Tuesday evening that if the motion reaches the vote, the Social Democrats will vote for it, but that they are not obliged to ensure a quorum in the Permanent Bureaus of the two Chambers.

Asked on România TV why the PSD representatives from the Permanent Bureaus of the Parliament do not ensure the quorum so that the motion enters the debate, Marcel Ciolacu answered that in any democratic state it is the power that ensures the quorum.

“Parliamentary procedures are a custom everywhere, in any democratic state: power ensures a quorum. Everywhere, in all structures of Parliament. Does PSD lead any chamber of Parliament? Then what’s the problem with PSD? We are not getting into their fight, “said the Social Democrat leader.

He reiterated that if the motion reaches the agenda, then PSD will vote for it.

“I said very clearly that we are voting on the motion of censure and, moreover, I assume that the USR tells us very clearly that, at that moment, we are going to early elections. Let’s get to the vote and vote for her. I guess he’s going to have to have a discussion with us. Last time, we proposed a motion, we sent the text. They made a motion, they didn’t have the sense to send us the text either. If you want the votes of a party, don’t you have to talk to that party? (…) I want the whole government to leave. I want early elections “, Ciolacu underlined.

Asked if PSD was not “scared” of the opportunity to overthrow the government, Marcel Ciolacu responded with reproaches to USR PLUS ministers, showing that he could not accept “like a hypocrite”, referring to Dan Barna, “to use by PSD and Romanians ”.

Ciolacu: “We have the government program completed. We have packages of fixed laws and exactly on areas that need to be done in Romania in the future “

He added that he would not be afraid to take over the PSD government. “We are ready. We have the government program completed. We have packages of fixed laws and exactly on areas that need to be done in Romania in the future “, he declared.

The PSD leader stated that he does not see the performance of the USR PLUS ministers, being of the opinion that the representatives of this party would be “hypocrites”, because not everyone from all structures resigns. “It’s a fair,” he said.

Ciolacu also mentioned that, since the beginning of the crisis, neither President Klaus Iohannis nor Prime Minister Florin Cîţu have been called. “I do not have the duties of a mediator. (…) Am I their Jolly Joker? What is PSD? Don’t you see it’s a masquerade? In fact, it is not a political crisis on principles (…), it is a political crisis on a struggle of theirs “, he said, according to Agerpres.

In his opinion, the Florin Cîţu government will fall in the next 40 days. “Five days have passed since the 45th. (…) Then we enter a constitutional procedure. (…) He will go home “, Ciolacu specified.

Asked what is the main political objective of PSD, Marcel Ciolacu answered that it is to come to the Parliament with as many laws as possible for economic recovery

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