The co-presidents of USR PLUS: “The motion of censure was filed. We will resign”

Photo: INQUAM Photos / George Călin

Dan Barna announced on Friday evening, after the Coalition meeting, that USR PLUS submitted the motion of censure against the Cîțu government and that at the beginning of next week, the USR PLUS ministers will resign. 

The announcement was made after, in the Coalition meeting, Barna and Cioloș told the PNL and UDMR that they do not want to resign from the Government, and that they will join the Opposition only if the censure motion will be rejected. 

“We tried in the Coalition meeting to convince our colleagues, our colleagues insisted on supporting Florin Cîțu”, said Dacian Cioloș during a press conference. He explained that the current prime minister is no longer wanted in any form, but that USR PLUS wants to continue to participate in the government together with PNL and UDMR. 

“There was no discussion about the resignation of the ministers, but obviously at the beginning of next week we will submit our resignations once we submit this motion,” said Dan Barna. 

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