Florin Cîțu dismisses the Minister of Justice, Stelian Ion

Minister of Justice Stelian Ion. Photo: INQUAM Photos / Octav Ganea

Prime Minister Florin Cîțu announced on Wednesday evening the dismissal of the Minister of Justice. The request for revocation was sent to President Klaus Iohannis. Lucian Bode will be the interim Minister of Justice.

“I have made a necessary decision. A few minutes ago, I sent to the President of Romania the request for dismissal of the Minister of Justice, Mr. Stelian Ion “, said Florin Cîţu on Wednesday evening, shortly after  the postponed government meeting .

Florin Cîțu reproached Stelian Ion for “blackmailing the Romanian people” by blocking some development projects and also for failing to abolish the Section for the investigation of magistrates.

“I will not accept ministers in the Romanian Government who oppose the modernization of Romania. Stelian Ion is a minister who (…) failed to impose himself in the coalition, failed to complete his projects. An example is the abolition of the Special Section, which was not abolished even after eight months in office. 

Blocking government activity just because you do not agree to develop communities means violating the mandate given by Parliament through the government program. 

I will not allow the Romanian people to be blackmailed “, said the prime minister. 

The prime minister called on USR PLUS not to step down.

“I informed the coalition leaders about this dismissal. I no longer accept anyone in government to blackmail. No one who does not understand that we are not talking here about mayors, but about communities and the interest of citizens. (…) Just because our colleagues at USR PLUS do not have many mayors does not mean that Romanians have to suffer.

I assume this decision, the Political Bureau of PNL has assumed this investment project, which is not PNDL 3, it is a project dedicated to asphalt, water, sewerage, gas. It is a symbol of Romania’s modernization, after 30 years.

I sent the request to the president with the revocation, I propose an interim minister a minister who understands the zero priority of investments for Romania.

I want our USR PLUS coalition partners to have the understanding, the responsibility not to choose to leave the government, as they communicate this morning on various channels “, Florin Cîțu also stated.

The current Minister of Interior, Lucian Bode, will be proposed as interim minister.

The government meeting started on Wednesday, at 11 am, was interrupted after Prime Minister  Florin Cîțu wanted to introduce on the additional  agenda the 50 billion “Anghel Saligny” investment program. The people from USR PLUS threatened, nervously, that they will submit a motion of censure, if the project is adopted, accusing the fact that there are no necessary approvals, among which the last one, the one from the Ministry of Justice.

The dismissed Minister of Justice, Stelian Ion, said on Wednesday that  he received only a copy of the ordinance  on the “Anghel Saligny” Program, due to which the scandal broke out in the coalition, and blamed an “error” produced at the Ministry of Development, in the conditions under which Minister Cseke Attila said that the original was sent to the Ministry of Justice on 25 August. Ion also said that the ministry’s opinion for this investment program would be rather negative.

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