Klaus Iohannis harshly attacks USR PLUS: To weigh very well the implications of the association with GOLD

Preedinte Klaus Johannis.Foto: Say Photos/George Calin

Klaus Iohannis harshly criticizes the political steps of USR PLUS and the alliance with AUR. The president warns the alliance that this brings an affront to the Romanians and that by filing a motion of censure against his own government he is irretrievably discredited.

“The new alliance created these days between USR PLUS and AUR is an affront to the Romanians who, in last year’s parliamentary elections, decided by their vote the path that our country must follow.

Through the alliance with a party that does not respect Western values, USR PLUS betrays the will of the citizens who put their hopes in a center-right coalition to develop Romania.

It is a  worrying and extremely serious signal  that a party that claims to have democratic values ​​and is a reformist is allying with a party with visions antagonistic to Romania’s Euro-Atlantic values.

By the decision to sign and submit a motion of censure against its own government,  USR PLUS irretrievably discredited itself  in front of the Romanians, its own electorate.

The revitalization of the Coalition and the irremediable compromise of the entire package of reforms  assumed by the government program risks throwing Romania into a deep economic and social crisis.

The development of Romanian communities is absolutely necessary and one cannot try to block it by USR PLUS just for a petty political game. I call on USR PLUS to weigh very well the implications of the association with the objectives promoted by AUR and to put an end to these irresponsible political gestures, to respect its electorate and to return to the table of dialogue, to find a viable and rational solution to Coalition partners. unblock the current situation “, warns the president.

USR PLUS representatives announced on Friday evening that they had filed a motion of censure against the Cîțu Government. The decision was announced in Parliament after the governing coalition meeting that ended without a compromise being reached by PNL, UDMR and USR PLUS.  

PSD, USR PLUS and AUR together have the necessary number of parliamentarians to overthrow the Government. 234 votes are required for the motion of censure to be approved.

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