Ludovic Orban answers Florin Cîţu and Rareș Bogdan: My institutional correctness has come to be exploited badly

Ludovic Orban and Florin Cîțu are in internal competition for PNL leadership Photo: Inquam Photos / Octav Ganea

The president of the PNL and of the Chamber of Deputies, Ludovic Orban, declared on Saturday, in Blaj, that he fulfilled his “regulatory obligations” by convening on Friday evening the meeting of the Permanent Bureaus reunited in the Parliament in order to establish the calendar of debating the censure motion. He added that he regretted that this “institutional fairness” of his had been “badly exploited” for manipulating PNL members.

Orban was asked by journalists how he responds to PNL representatives who criticized the fact that he convened the meeting of the Permanent Bureaus so quickly on Friday night, a few hours after the USR PLUS and AUR submitted the text of the censure motion.

“I advise them to read the rules of joint meetings. It is the obligation of the President of the Chamber of Deputies, on the same day as the motion is submitted, to convene the Permanent Bureaus together to present the motion, and subsequently to communicate the motion to the government.

I have fulfilled my regulatory obligations.

If I had not convened the reunited Permanent Bureaux on the same day, it would have meant that I had seriously violated the provisions of the rules of procedure of joint sittings.

In such positions in the Romanian state, such as the positions of prime minister, president of the Senate, of the Chamber of Deputies, it is not allowed to violate the law, the Constitution and the regulations.

I am sorry that I ended up being used to comply with the regulations, my institutional correctness, to be exploited in a vicious way, to manipulate PNL members, to make them believe something other than what I did, namely I fulfilled my legal obligations. and we acted in accordance with the provisions of the rules of joint meetings “, said Ludovic Orban.

Prime Minister Florin Cîţu stated on Saturday, in Timişoara, that it is a “bizarre action” the gesture of the PNL president, Ludovic Orban, to do “everything possible” in his capacity as president of the Chamber of Deputies for the USR PLUS AUR motion to be debated.

At the same time, Ludovic Orban was criticized by the liberal MEP Rareş Bogdan, first vice-president of the PNL, supporter of Florin Cîţu in the internal competition of the party, who declared, in Timişoara, that Orban should have delegated his attributions to a vice-president of the Chamber, in order not to interpret himself as wanting to go “quickly forward” with the procedure of the motion of censure.

The meeting of the reunited Permanent Bureaus of the Parliament, convened online for the motion of censure filed by USR PLUS and AUR, was suspended, on Friday evening, due to the lack of a quorum. And in the meeting convened on Saturday morning, from 11.00, the quorum was not met, being postponed again for Monday, at 12.00.

The motion of censure “Dismissal of the Cîţu Government, the only chance for Romania to live!”, Signed by 122 parliamentarians, was submitted on Friday to the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies. 

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