Șase localități din Satu Mare intră în carantină Foto: Inquam Photos / Virgil Simionescu

The first localities to be quarantined in the new wave of the pandemic

Six localities in Satu Mare are quarantined Photo: Inquam Photos / Virgil Simionescu

The head of DSU, Raed Arafat, announced on Friday evening, at Digi24, that he signed quarantine orders for six localities in Satu Mare county, where the incidence rate of COVID cases exceeded 6 per thousand. They are the first localities to enter the quarantine in this new wave of the pandemic that makes its presence felt in Romania as well.

“Today is the first time, after a few months, that we quarantine localities. I signed the quarantine order for six localities in Satu Mare County, which is one of the counties that exceeded 1.5 per thousand incidence rate. There are some neighboring localities, some small localities, which exceeded (incidence rate) 6 per thousand and obtained a high score on the INSP score, that it is not only the incidence, there are several aspects that are analyzed. And today, the County Committee for Emergency Situations, with the approval of INSP, at the proposal of the DSP, proposed the quarantine, which will enter tomorrow (in force) in the respective localities “, said Raed Arafat.

According to  the Satu Mare Prefecture , it is about establishing the regional quarantine for the communes of  Bixad, Călinești-Oaș, Gherța-Mică, Turț, Batarci, Cămărzana and Târșolț,  so 7 localities.

The measure enters into force starting with 12.09.2021, from 00:00 (Saturday night to Sunday) for a period of 14 days until 25.09.2021 at 23:59.

Quarantine aims to limit the movement of people and unnecessary travel. Thus, in these localities it will be possible to enter or leave only with a declaration on their own responsibility, and travel within the localities is limited to certain situations. Leaving homes / homes during the night, between 20:00 and 5:00, is prohibited, with certain exceptions. It is not allowed to drive in groups of more than six people, the shops have a limited schedule, the restaurants operate only in “take away” mode, and the organization of events in closed spaces is not allowed.

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