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The cloud of pollutants generated by the volcano in La Palma reaches Romania. It enters Timișoara and until Monday evening it spreads all over the country

The volcano in La Palma generates a cloud of pollutants that reaches Romania on Sunday. The toxic cloud will enter the country in the west, around Timișoara, and will spread all over the country until Monday evening. Therefore, Romania will be under the cloud of particles and chemical compounds resulting from that area, said at Digi24, Silviu Gurlui, professor at the Faculty of Physics.

A large amount of sulfur dioxide is injected into Europe. Sulfur dioxide brings additional pollution, a potential cooling of the soil and secondary chemical compounds (acids, sulfates, etc.) that are brought to the soil by precipitation, precipitation and influence the concentration of ozone, explained the physics teacher.

“The models are evolving. Now, it seems that the sulfur dioxide cloud enters Romania, through the west, around Timișoara and will extend across the country until Monday evening, if no other developments occur. So, for two days it could Romania may be below the cloud of particles and chemical compounds resulting from that area.

This effect may be much more important in the long run through processes that take place at very high altitudes over time, secondary chemical compounds may occur and at least local modification of these properties related to aerosols in the atmosphere at very high altitudes, which produce effects long-term climate-related, “said Silviu Gurlui.

It would be advisable for people who live outside, especially in the western area, to wear a mask, because there are conditions for more pollution , said the physics teacher.

The eruption of the volcano in La Palma is becoming more and more dangerous, almost a week after it started. The main cone broke and another lava flow formed, which moves faster on another side of the mountain. Also, a new crack appeared from which toxic gases and smoke come out.

“It is an extremely violent phenomenon, which according to the first estimates and according to the models developed today, seems to be able to extend for at least two or three months from now. The phenomenon was preceded by many earthquakes, it was predicted, and the population could be warned, the damage is enormous.

Very large amounts of ash were scattered in the air, as well as other toxic gases that affect air quality. Chlorine, bromine, which can interact with compounds in the atmosphere and lower the ozone layer to very high altitudes, have been dispersed in the atmosphere. It is assumed that if the volcanoes had very strong force, we will see if this will be the case even now, the amount of ozone could be reduced by a few percent.

Sulfur oxide raised in the atmosphere at high altitudes, other compounds form acids, which is important for the climate and for humans. Secondary compounds resulting from the interactions with the primary compounds in the atmosphere behave like a screen and prevent the sun’s rays from penetrating deeper into the earth, creating a cooling effect “, added Silviu Gurlui.

Meanwhile, La Palma airport was closed, so tourists who had to leave went by ferry.

No one was injured, but property damage was significant – more than 400 buildings were destroyed and 190 hectares of land burned.

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