Simona Halep, in the eighth round of the US Open 2021. CTP: An extraordinary result. Rybakina is a silent Sabalenka

Simona Halep qualified for the round of 16 of the US Open 2021 Photo: Profimedia Images

Simona Halep, 13th place WTA and number 12 seed, qualified for the finals of the US Open 2021 on Friday, after defeating her with the score of 7-6 (11), 4-6, 6-3, on Elena Rybakina of Kazakhstan, ranked 20th in the WTA. Commentator Cristian Tudor Popescu says that it is an “extraordinary” victory, which shows the maturity of Simona Halep, especially since her opponent was a formidable one, even though she is only 22 years old.

The match lasted two hours and 23 minutes.

For Simona Halep, who turns 30 this month, this is the third time she manages to reach this phase of the grand slam competition hosted by New York. 

Last year, Simona Halep did not participate in the US Open, the tournament being  won  by Naomi Osaka.

After having to stay away from the field for more than three months due to a muscle tear, Simona Halep came to the US Open 2021 after a  match lost  in Montreal and a  match won  at Cinncinati, a competition from which  she withdrew  due to a new injury.

In order to perform as well as possible at the US Open, Simona Halep passed in the first match played at Flushing Meadows by one of the fittest players of the moment, the Italian  Camila Giorgi . In the next round, the Romanian woman’s task was easier and she passed Kristina Kucova  from Slovakia without any difficulties  .

What Simona Halep said after the match with Elena Rybakina

“It was a very difficult match for me, I knew it would be like that. I played against her before, I knew she was very strong and put pressure on her opponent. I knew I had to be strong and calm. I didn’t get that in the second set (laughs). I knew I had to fight decisively until the end “, said Simona Halep at the end of the match with Elena Rybakina.

“I’m still far from my potential, it’s hard to play at the highest level after a break of three or four months. But it helps me to play in front of such an audience. I missed you, it was a very difficult two years, thank you for coming and I am waiting for you in the next round (the audience applauds her on the open stage – no) “, said Simona Halep, addressing the New York audience. “At this level it is impossible to have easy matches, I expect heavy battles on the field, I am ready to give my best. I came to feel good in New York and after three years I am finally in the eighth “, added Halep, according to .

CTP: Simona has a quiet force in her now. She is clearly mature

In the Digi24 studio to comment on the political crisis in Romania, Cristian Tudor Popescu confessed that he saw only the first set of Simona Halep’s match and said that it is an extraordinary result, because Rybakina is a “really tough player, a kind of silent Sabalenka. He has some blows that give him the impression that the tram rail is hitting you. She has the same constitution of ‘female special forces’, and Simona also resisted extraordinarily mentally in that set. Rybakina had 5-3, Simona returned to 5, they reached the tie-break, and in the tie break Simona had 6-2, four set balls, which Rybakina returned from his wrist, left-right , Simona had nothing to do and after that they went up to 12-10 in the tie-break, equal, again advantage, set ball, set ball, equal, up to 12-10. Simona was led, 

elena rybakina profimedia-0630271441
Elena Rybakina, a formidable sportswoman from Kazakhstan, who is only 22 years old, was defeated by Simona Halep in the third round of the US Open 2021 Photo: Profimedia Images

“I don’t know how long her legs will last, which have been so hurt lately, but her brain, her head, is holding Simona. She has a quiet force in her now. He doesn’t tense up, at the same time he has the will, he wants to play tennis at a high level, he has that determination to win again and at the same time it doesn’t tense up. It can be seen that she is mature “, concluded CTP.

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