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Simona Halep’s new coach, Adrian Marcu: “It makes sense to try to train him in this more offensive game”

After breaking up with Australian Darren Cahill, Simona Halep announced the name of the coach she will continue to work with. It’s about Adrian Marcu. He will also collaborate in Simona’s staff with Daniel Dobre, the one the athlete was working with when she won the Wimbledon Tournament. The journalist Cristian Tudor Popescu commented, on Tuesday, at Digi24, Simona Halep’s decision.

Adrian Marcu could have trained Simona much longer, if it had not been for that untimely decision of Simona, in 2013, to break the collaboration, a decision that now, at maturity, I think Simona no longer considers inspired. I then talked to Adi Marcu about this breakup, and without any resentment and generosity he told me that Simona is a great talent, that she has a big heart and that she will make a proper career without him.

Adrian Marcu, based on his many experiences and science of tennis and the player’s psychology, inspires respect and authority, which is very important in the case of Simona, who, if she feels that the coach is insecure and tries to mobilize her with nice words, ” positive ”, but inconsistent, reacts impulsively and harshly, as has been seen in many cases.

Simona has a “second game”, as I called her at the Australian Open in 2018, in the semifinals with Kerber, in the previous match with Lauren Davis, or at the Roland Garros in 2018 that she won. She showed that she can play aggressively, be a point player made by her, and not wait for the opponent’s mistake. Since then, he has rarely played that game.

Adrian Marcu knows that Simona Halep is an age, she is 30 years old, and she is no longer so capable of making long, exhausting matches, with left-right exchanges, very hard for her. It makes sense to try to train Simona in this more offensive, shorter game. Not necessarily with coming to the net, but with aggression in the game behind the field.

Simona has to calculate her efforts very carefully starting from this moment. But now, in the run-up to the Australian Open, I think he has to play. Participate in what tournaments are left. He can’t get to the Champions Tournament anymore, but he has Indian Wells, he has Moscow, tournaments that he shouldn’t miss, because he needs standing games, after this long break.

If Simona will keep Daniel Dobre in the team, I think it will be a new decision inspired by Simona, because she is an excellent training leader, who can be of great use to Simona in the future. It’s all about the physique. If she keeps it, then I think we can expect other great performances from Simona to fill us with joy “, said the journalist Cristian Tudor Popescu, at Digi24.

5 days ago, Simona Halep announced that she is giving up the Australian coach Darren Cahill. It is for the second time when the two break up, after, in 2018, the coach announced that he will interrupt his activity in order to spend more time with his family.

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