How to delete Instagram posts on a computer?

Generally, when you open Instagram posts and try to delete a post, the delete option is not available in the menu list.

However, here are the steps to delete the Instagram post on your computer:

Step 1  : Launch the  Chrome browser  on your desktop.

Step 2  : Open your  Instagram profile  .

Step 3  :  Right-click  for more options and select  Inspect  . This will open the Chrome browser developer console.

Step 4  : Click  the Switch Device toolbar  in the Developer Console.

Step 5  : In the drop-down menu, select any device like  iPhone X  and set the scale to  100%  .

Step 6:  Reload  your Instagram profile page.

Step 7  : Click the Flows icon   to switch.

Step 8  : Click 3dots horizontal icon  for more options

Step 9  : Select the Delete option   .

Step 10  : Finally, click the Delete command   to confirm that you want to remove the Instagram post.

That’s it. Your Instagram post will be deleted from the desktop site on your computer. As mentioned, you will be able to delete any browser post without using any external software.

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